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Anticoagulation Program

(INR Program)

Our INR Program provides in-office blood testing with immediate INR results for patients receiving anticoagulation therapy. Medication changes are completed on the same day by our team.

Baby Friendly Initiative

At BNPLC we support families to reach their infant feeding goals. This initiative engages families during pregnancy and post-partum to make informed decisions regarding infant feeding. We provide urgent appointment for families experiencing difficulties.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-I)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I) is provided by our Social Worker and Pharmacist to patients experiencing insomnia. CBT-I uses strategies to effectively overcome the causes of insomnia. CBT-I is recommended as the ideal treatment for chronic insomnia, and can help patients discontinue use of sleeping pills.


The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Program identifies patients living with COPD and provides preventative care to reduce symptoms. Our preventative approach helps patients avoid emergency room visits or hospitalizations related to COPD.

Dermatology Procedures

The BNPLC provides patient care in areas of general dermatology including non-cosmetic treatments such as freezing and identifying skin conditions within the scope of primary care. We are also in the development of providing treatments such as biopsies, removal of lumps and bumps and treating various skin conditions.

Diabetes Management

Our Diabetes Management Program provides education, ongoing monitoring and self management support for patients living with Type 1 or 2 diabetes. Patients meet with a member of the diabetes management team.

Low Back Pain

Through this program, the Chiropractors endeavor to assist patients living with acute and chronic low back pain to improve their overall health. This program is available to clinic patients who otherwise would not be able to afford chiropractic treatment.

Newborn Program

The Newborn Program is in collaboration with QHC and offers services to infants discharged from hospital with no Primary Care Provider in the community. With care provided by NP Simone Johnson and RN Lindsay Pine infants will be seen within 24 – 72 post discharge from the hospital as per the recommendation from the PCMCH Standards of Post-Natal Care for Mothers and Newborns in Ontario: Birth to one-week post-natal period (June, 2017). The clinic will operate 5 days per week, providing both routine follow-up care and non-emergent assessments for infants with no community Primary Care Provider from the time of discharge until 8 weeks of age.

Mental Health

Our Social Worker provides counselling, crisis intervention, patient / family education, resource referral and advocacy for registered patients with the clinic.

Smoking Cessation

Our Smoking Cessation Program provides support for those wanting to quit smoking or reduce overall tobacco use. Our clinic offers counselling, nicotine replacement (patch, gum, lozenges, spray, inhaler) and medication.

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